Perfectly Natural in Any Environment
Granite Frames go well with any decor. Granite Frames work especially well in an organic setting, such as your peaceful living room or your relaxing sitting room.
Make a Statement
Be bold - feel free to tell everybody how proud you are of the fact that you embrace your natural surroundings. You love the environment, and want to show off your connection to Mother Earth with a beautiful, timeless frame from Granite Frames.
The Oldest Frames on Earth
In a world overflowing with consumer products of materials, chemicals and processes. In a world where the eye is overwhelmed with items of no sustainability. In a world that is too noisy to embrace the productions of nature. We find contentment in discovering the beauty of nature's gifts. Granite Frames Inc. is passionate about bringing you a slice of evolution with a product of timeless beauty. Read More
The Oldest Frames on Earth
Easy to Care For
Granite Frames are extremely easy to care for and maintain. Of all your framing options, Granite Frames are among the most worry-free frame choices available. With so many color and style options, you will find it very easy to put one of our frames on many of your home and office walls.

Applications are Endless!

Wedding Photos, Diplomas, Awards, Mirrors, Artwork, Sentimental, Maps, Outdoor applications, Menus, Hotels... The list is endless!

Best for Nature

With a very clean manufacturing process, and so little materials used to develop a Granite Frame, we are considered a highly sustainable picture framing option. Granite Frames are also highly recyclable.

All Frames Include Level Hanger

All Ready Made Frames come complete with a Hangman level hanger designed to support 100lbs.

Evolution from Around the World

Granite Frames sources our stone from all corners of the globe. We work with the most respected vendors in the industry. Granite Frames prides itself on builging long-lasting relationships both with stone suppliers, as well as our valued Granite Frame buyers. With quality and loyalty our guiding principles, we will surely develop and grow with both our buying clients as well as our natural stone vendors.